Thank you to our 20th Anniversary Season Sponsors!

Diane and Peter Goldenring       Janet and Mark L. Goldenson         Barbara Meister 


Thanks to those far and wide who have been contributing to our Go Fund Me campaign. We are now nearly 45% of the way there, with $34,887 to go! We are very purposely NOT reaching out to the local community, as we know support must go to those more directly affected by the fires in need of shelter, food, clothing and help rebuilding. However, Rubicon was greatly affected by the fires. We lost ticket sales from performances, revenue from a school program, and other activities because of air quality issues, smoke damage, lost electricity, and curfews. We also had additional costs to scrub the air, deep clean the theatre, etc. If you live OUTSIDE the area and believe in the power of theatre to bring people together and heal what ails us as a community and a society, please give generously. We need you so as not to be a burden on the Ventura/Santa Barbara areas. If you live locally, please just help us spread the word to those whom you know care. As our community bounces back, we want to be here, creating special experiences and memories. Thank you!