Ticket Donations

Help Rubicon Re-Open Soon!

Many of you may recall that when Covid-19 first hit, our staff and board members were determined to produce all of the shows that had been announced in as close to the original order as possible.

However, none of us could have imagined how long it would be before we could safely reopen. Nor could we have anticipated how much our world would have changed in just over a year.

As we prepare for this new chapter in Rubicon history, we have rethought our position related to subscriptions and season, and humbly come to you to ask you to consider donating your ticket purchases.

 Here are the main reasons for this request:

  • THE PASSAGE OF TIME. Weeks have turned into months and now into more than a year; and in order to address union and government safety requirements, it is likely that we will have been shut down for 18-24 months before we can reopen. To fulfill the announced shows would put us at least a year-and-a-half behind financially.
  • OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED. If we were to select shows and programs today to inspire meaningful conversation about the human condition, we would program differently.

Please contribute the value of your previously purchased tickets.

To read more about this request in a letter from our Co-Founder and Producing Artistic Director, CLICK HERE.
For a Q & A about the status of the organization and the need, CLICK HERE.
For more about ways you can contribute or volunteer to help, CLICK HERE.