Concept, Music and Lyrics by LIN-MANUAL MIRANDA

Show Dates: October 29 – November 13, 2022
Contract Dates – September 13, 2022 – November 13, 2022*


*Rehearsal Dates include 2-week educational program in local schools.
*Subject to change and union approval


In The Heights is the story of three days in the tightly knit Latin community of Washington Heights, on the island of Manhattan. In the heat of the summer as the 4th of July approaches, we are introduced to the neighborhood, its people and the interwoven stories of faith, hope and love. It’s a community on the brink of change, full of hopes, dreams and pressures, where the biggest struggle can be deciding what traditions to keep and what to leave behind. From the Tony Award‐winning writers and creators of the Broadway smash Hamilton, comes a beautiful, touching, vibrant and timely immigrant story.

Rubicon Theatre Company seeks Equity and Non-Equity actor/singer/dancers for In the Heights. 


  • Union Contract: AEA SPT-8 Contract ($677/week minimum)
  • Non-Equity Professionals Pay: $15/hour



Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

  • Week 1: September 13-18- Rehearsals
  • Week 2: September 20-25- Rehearsals
  • Week 3: September 27-October 2- School Assemblies, Rehearsals
  • Week 4: October 4-9- Classroom Workshops, Rehearsals
  • Week 5: October 11-16- Rehearsals
  • Week 6: October 18-23- Technical Rehearsals
  • Week 7: October 25-30- Rehearsals/Previews/Opening Performances
  • Week 8: November 2-6- Performances
  • Week 9: November 9-13- Performances

Note: Performances are Wednesdays at 2 and 7 p.m., Thursdays at 7 p.m. Fridays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 2 and 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2:00 p.m. Additional daytime student matinees are scheduled for Friday, October 28, Thursday, November 3 and Thursday, November 10 at 10 a.m.



Producing Artistic Director:
Karyl Lynn Burns

Luis Salgado

Musical Director:

Associate Director:
Valeria Cossu

Associate Choreographer:
Mariana Herrera Juri

Dance Captain:
Bryan Ernesto Menjivar

Casting Director:
Stephanie Coltrin



Rehearsals and performances will take place at the Rubicon Theatre Company Warehouse, located at 1595 Walter Street in Ventura, or at the theatre, located at 1006 E. Main Street, Ventura. School assemblies and workshops will take place at various middle school and high school locations within reasonable driving distance of the theatre.



Open calls will take place in person in Ventura and Los Angeles at locations TBA. /For those out-of-town or those unable to attend the auditions, we will also accept initial video auditions. The in-person audition schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday, July 24 – Local Open Auditions in Ventura 4pm-8pm p.m. 1595 Walter Street, Ventura
  • Tuesday, July 26 – Equity Principal Auditions in Los Angeles (location TBA) 10am-6pm

Non-union members will be able to attend EPA’s

  • Wednesday, July 27 – Equity Chorus Auditions in Los Angeles (location TBA) 10am-6pm

Non-union members will be able to attend ECC’s

All dates and times pending union approval.



All sides and audition tracks will be available by July 15 through a link posted here.

Please prepare to read one side from the script for the character for which you ae auditioning.

  1. You may sing acapella or use the recorded tracks to record a song for the character for which you are auditioning.
  2. Please provide a video sample of your dance work. It can be any piece in the style of the show.
  3. Please complete this GOOGLE FORM  to fill out contact and conflict information and paste the link to your audition video(s) in the video link section of the form
  4. Please send your videos as a link, not as an attachment to an email so that we can be sure to receive your submission. You may include a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox file, or a private Vimeo or You Tube Link 
  5. If you don’t have the equipment to submit a video audition, please email the casting director at for alternate submissions



Callbacks will be by invitation, and specific times and details will be sent to you via email. They will likely take place between July 28 and July 30.



Most of the principal characters are Latinx, Afro-Latino, or Black. The ages ranges reflect the ages of the characters, not of those auditioning. Rubicon is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Usnavi de la Vega (Male, 20-30 to play 24) is charismatic and funny. He is a likeable leading man and can by funny and awkward at moments. Usnavi owns a small bodega in Washington Heights. Abuela Claudia, the neighborhood matriarch, “practically raised” him when his parents both died during his early childhood. He dreams of moving back to the Dominican Republic. He is in love with Vanessa. Extremely strong singer/rapper/dancer.

  • Vocal Range: A2-A4
  • Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Nina Rosario (Female, 18-30 to play 19) has just finished her freshman year at Stanford. She is the daughter of Kevin and Caila Rosario and the only member of her family and group of friends to made it to college. She is best friend with Vanessa and a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who know her. Nina is in a romantic relationship with Benny which is a source of conflict with her father, who can be overprotective.

Very strong singer with soprano belt range and strong dancer.

  • Vocal Range: F3-F5
  • Ethnicity: Black/African/Latino

Benny (Male, 20-30 to play 24) works at the dispatch of Nina’s father Kevin. The only character in the play who does not speak Spanish, Benny falls in love with Nina. He dreams of opening his own business. Strong, masculine, ambitious and intelligent. Baritenor, strong mover/rapper.

  • Vocal Range: B3-A4
  • Ethnicity: Black, White, Asian, or any other non-Latino

Vanessa (Female, 18-30 to play 19) is a stylist at Daniela’s salon. Hardened in part by a troubled home life, she dreams of a better life in a downtown apartment, but cannot yet afford it. Tired of whistles and catcalls and searching for true love, she is initially unaware of Usnavi’s interest in her. Strong dancer, mezzo with a great belt.

  • Vocal Range: F#3-F5
  • Ethnicity: Latina/Hispanic

“Abuela” Claudia (Female, 50s-60s to play late ‘60s) is the loving matriarch of the barrio who is like a grandmother to all. Both strong and wise, she has lived in the Heights longer than anyone, and practically raised Usnavi after his parents died. She and her mother moved from Cuba to New York in 1943 while she was a child. She worked as a maid for several years but never earned the money to travel home with her mother. Strong character actress with a showstopping number.

  • Vocal Range: Eb3-E5
  • Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Sonny de la Vega (male, 18-25 to play 15) is Usnavi’s witty, sassy, superficially lazy, yet ambitious younger cousin who works with Usnavi in the bodega. A jokester with an intelligent and thoughtful side who yearns for social justice. Strong comedic abilities, rapper/dancer.

  • Vocal Range: D3-B4
  • Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Daniela (Female, 25-45) is the outrageously dramatic owner of the salon where the neighborhood girls come to gossip. Bold, sassy, funny, enjoys banter and demands respect. The Increasing rent on the salon is forcing her to move to the Bronx. Strong belter, with strong comic chops.

  • Vocal Range: F3-E5
  • Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Carla (Female, 18-40) is a funny co-worker of Daniela and Vanessa. She is a supportive friend, sweet, religious. Carla works at Daniela’s salon and is Daniela’s close friend; young and pretty, but a little slow to get the others’ jokes and innuendos. Strong comedic timing.

  • Vocal Range: F3-E5
  • Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic Chilean, Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rican descent.

Kevin Rosario (Male, 50s-60s) is the overprotective but loving father of Nina who can occasionally have a temper. He has a commanding presence and owns a taxi dispatch with his wife Camila.  Strong baritone.

  • Vocal Range: A2-F4
  • Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic, Puerto Rican descent.

Camila Rosario (Female, 40’s-60) Nina’s strong-willed mother wants what is best for Nina. She holds her tongue in the presence of her husband but reveals her true feelings when she’s had enough. She is a powerful presence. Strong Mezzo-soprano

  • Vocal Range: G3-E5
  • Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Piragua Guy (Male, 30s-50s) The owner of a small piragua stand that competes with Mister Softee. Charismatic, observant, reflective. Strong Singer, some dance

  • Vocal Range: D3-A4
  • Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic/Any

Graffiti Pete (Male, 18 – 30 to play 18) A graffiti artist, he is good friends with Sonny and is one of the few characters who acknowledge Sonny’s dreams. Usnavi considers Pete to be a vandal who makes trouble until Pete’s skills as an artist are revealed. Skilled hip hop and/or break dancer. Strong rapper.

  • Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

 Residents of Washington Heights (20s-60s, all ethnicities, all gender identifications) Seeking five ensemble members – a diverse group with their own stories. Strong dancers skilled in hip hop and Latin dance/acro ability a plus.

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