Frequently Asked Questions

How many days a week will we rehearse, and how long will we rehearse each day?

Each program/show will rehearse six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Sunday will be the day off. Rehearsals will start each morning at 10AM and will end at 5PM with a one-hour break for lunch at 1PM. Some cast members may or may not be called for rehearsals after lunch from 2PM to 5PM. This will be at the director and choreographers’ discretion each day, depending on their requirements.

Will rehearsals be in-person this year or will they be conducted on Zoom like last year?

We’re doing everything in our power to see that as many rehearsals as possible will be conducted in-person. We can’t predict what restrictions will be in place when our programs start in June – but here’s what we’re anticipating. (This may change) Each day will begin in a COVID-safe environment, possibly outdoors. This morning session will be in-person with a dance/speech/music warmup. Choreography and vocal parts will be taught and learned. Directors may want to do other things during this time as well, like scene work or a read-through of the script – it depends on their requirements. The afternoon rehearsals might be conducted on Zoom if restrictions continue to be placed on social gathering.

Will there be live performances?

No. Because of the uncertainty surrounding whether audiences will be allowed to gather or not, and because Rubicon youth show audiences are largely comprised of people under the age of 16, we’ve made the decision not to plan for live performances again this year. Instead, we’ll rely on filming performances and presenting our shows on video. Unlike last year when each actor was responsible for filming their own footage, this year the recording of the show will be a combination of self-taping and shooting sessions conducted by a video crew during in-person recording sessions. A new wrinkle this year, and one that we’re very excited about, is that we are in discussion with the Cinemark movie theatre on Main Street in downtown Ventura to hold screenings of our efforts on the big screen for families and friends, complete with movie popcorn! We have backup options that also include “big screen” viewing.

What will I need to participate? Are there any special requirements?

Like last year, you’ll need a computer, smart phone or tablet with an onboard camera so you can log into Zoom meetings for remote rehearsals. In addition, you’ll need a second camera, like the camera on your cell phone or a DSLR, to record yourself playing your role remotely when/if distancing restrictions make it impossible to film in person. We need to be prepared for both scenarios. If you have wireless earbuds for your cell phone, they will come in handy. Everything else will be provided.

What should I do for my audition? Should I do something from the show?

When planning your audition, it’s always best to start with something you know very well. A director wants to see you – who you are and what you enjoy doing. Whether it’s a song you love or a monologue that you feel passionate about, it’s your connection to the material that is most important. Also, if the director asks you to do a second piece, it’s probably because he’s interested in seeing another side of you. So make sure you have a second song or monologue that’s different.