The Rubicon Experience

Episode 4:

Joe Spano

In this episode, we chat with JOE SPANO, perhaps best known for his television roles on “NCIS” and “Hill Street Blues.” He most recently starred at Rubicon in Heisenberg and A Christmas Carol.

“The real hopeful thing about theatre and the arts, in general, is you take these painful experiences and you shape them, give them form — and people can experience them together. You come out of an experience like this not devastated, not demolished by it, but hopefully healed or having experienced a catharsis.” — Joe Spano

Viewers know JOE SPANO from his dynamic and diverse appearances in more than 30 feature films, including “American Graffiti,” “Apollo 13,” “Hart’s War,” “Primal Fear,” “Hollywood Lance,” “Fracture” and “Frost/Nixon.” For many years, he has appeared weekly (and sometimes daily) on our television screens as Tobias Fornell on “NCIS” with Mark Harmon, Lt. Henry Goldblume on “Hill Street Blues, and in recurring roles on other series like “Mercy Point, “Amazing Grace,” “NYPD Blue” and “Murder One” (winning an Emmy for the latter).

But as we hear in this latest podcast – The Rubicon Experience – JOE SPANO thrives on the visceral relationship and deep connection an actor and audience discover together in live performance. Joe has appeared on Broadway in the Tony nominated revival of The Price and worked with theatres such as Berkeley Rep, South Coast Rep and The Geffen and others. He has been honored with the L.A. Drama Critics’ Circle Award, the Ovation Award and Indy Awards. Perhaps most importantly, he has found fulfilment in his work on the stage.

In this newest installment of our digital programming, JOE SPANO talks about how he came to stage work, his passion for the theatre and the importance of sharing our stories and our humanity, and his relationship with Rubicon, where he is considered a founding company member and has appeared in more than ten productions.

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