A New Musical

Book by Jonathan Prince
Music and Lyrics by Lindy Robbins, Dave Bassett and Steve Robson
Adapted from the Original Play by Howard Richardson and William Berney
Directed by James O’Neil
Musical Supervision by Brad Haak
Musical Direction by Brent Crayon

Rubicon Theatre Company in Ventura, California and WitzEnd Theatricals are seeking Equity and Non-Equity actor/singer/musicians for a groundbreaking new musical love story, set out of time, about a clash of cultures (“Twilight” or Hadestown meets West Side Story). We are looking for unique uber-talented artists of all ethnicities and backgrounds who sing in styles ranging from bluegrass and contemporary musical theatre (the humans), to rock-and-roll and soul (the witches). For auditions, please prepare a piece/pieces from the show (preferred), or in the style of the character for which you are interested by December 8. Some actor/singers also need to play instruments (guitar – acoustic and electric, fiddle, mandolin, washboard, spoons, banjo, etc.). Please also demonstrate any skills in these areas. It is likely that some roles will double. The story, based on the classic play, follows two young lovers: John, a witch boy and Barbra Allen, a mortal, who are willing to sacrifice everything to be together. Comparable musical theatre styles include Jesus Christ Superstar, Bright Star, and Hair. Roles are open to actors of all races, backgrounds, abilities, sexual and gender identities.


Rehearsals begin in Ventura March 1, 2023 in Ventura, CA
Housing will be provided where needed.

First Preview: March 29, 2023; Gala Opening April 1, 2023



Union: $690 per week plus pension and health (SPT8)
Non-Union: $510 per week



Auditions will be by electronic submission, with any needed in-person callbacks by invitation December 12 and 13 in New York,  and December 19 in Ventura.

  • Please submit your audition form, headshot, resume, and video by clicking this link or by clicking the buttons on this page. You will have the option of uploading your video submission (maximum 1 gig) or entering a link to your video submission (please be sure to include password if required). Please title all uploaded files with your first and last name.
  • Your video submission should be 1-2 minutes, and should consist of two parts:
  1. A singing submission – please submit a short excerpt/song from the show. Piano accompaniment and sheet music may be found at the link below. You will also find a recording of the full song performed by the composer/lyricist team. If the key of the accompaniment track is not in your range, you are welcome to sing acapella. If you are unable to sing from the show due to timing, you may perform any song of your choosing in the style of the show.
  2. A reading submission– reading one or more of the sides for the role that you are submitting for. In addition to the sides, the current working draft of the full script may also be found at the link below.



In accordance with AEA rules, this will be a fully vaccinated company. Covid testing protocols will also be in place, and all company members will be masked during rehearsal.





Barbara Allen (Female, 18-29). Spirited and rebellious, Barbara yearns for more than she has been able to experience within the confines of her small Appalachian town. She has a reputation as a “bad girl,” which may be real, or may be a defense, and is an outcast in her community. She has never given her soul to another until she learns that John the Witch Boy is willing to sacrifice his own to win her love. Alto/Mezzo.

John, the Witch Boy (Male, 18-29). Charismatic and curious, John is part of a coven of witches in the Smoky Mountains – one that for unknown reasons seems to be fading. He is entranced by Barbara Allen and longs to be human so that he can love and be loved by Barbara. We come to find out late in the story that he is half-witch/half-human. Rock-and-Roll Tenor. Plays guitar.



Marvin Hudgens (Male, 22-30), physically powerful, proud, and the town’s most eligible bachelor. Marvin is a braggart who can – most often – live up to his boasts. He has long had an eye on Barbara Allen and is jealous of John. Plays guitar. Baritone.

Floyd Allen (Male, 14-18), Barbara’s goofy teenage brother. Funny and charming, and occasionally annoying, Floyd is devoted to his sister. Plays the guitar – at first poorly, but later (and with a little magic from John), with remarkable skill. Bari-tenor.

Thomas Allen (Male 40-55), a no-nonsense farmer who is befuddled by his wayward daughter and pushed to the limit when she marries an outsider. Baritone.

Gemma Allen (Female 40-55), Barbara’ mother, stoic by nature, worries about her daughter’s reputation, and later her mortal soul. She comforts her “girl” with a moving lullabye after Barbara loses her daughter during childbirth. Alto.

Ralph Wharton (Male, 55-70), owner of the General Store. Ralph recently lost his wife, a woman to whom he was deeply devoted. He is typically a rational man but is driven to distraction and violence when he comes to believe that John has stolen a ring from his dead wife’s hand. Bari-tenor (up to an ‘A’).

Ella Bergen (Female, 18- 22), Hank Gudger’s girlfriend. Ella is considered to be silly and is not always taken seriously. She is often at odds with her conservative, religious mother. She is both terrified of – and fascinated by – witches. Soprano.

Patricia Bergen (Female, 38- 45), Ella’s mother and the local midwife. She wears her religion on her relatively expensive sleeves. Alto.

Uncle Deuce (Male, 45-75), is a jovial character who loves to tell tales. He has a bluegrass band – “Fool Me Twice” – that entertains at any and all town functions. He plays the banjo. Baritenor.

Katie Summey (Female, 16-25), the prettiest girl in town, wants to be Marvin’s girlfriend and has disdain for Barbara Allen. She plays the guitar, mandolin or fiddle in the “Fool Me Twice” band. Alto.

Hank Gudger (Male, 18-22), is Ella’s boyfriend, a harmless troublemaker and a friend of Marvin’s. He plays either guitar, or banjo or fiddle in the “Fool Me Twice” band. Bari-tenor (up to a ‘G’)

Preacher Haggler (Male, 40-60), the local minister, often appears to be verbose and confused, but uses the appearance of these traits to deflect serious questions and avoid conflict. He has a deep intelligence and a greater knowledge of heaven and earth than he feels he can share with his congregation. Baritone.



Conjur Man (Male, Ageless), a mountain warlock who is earnest and true, with a curiously benevolent view toward the humans. Bass/Baritone.

Conjur Woman (Female, Ageless), a mountain enchantress who is equally mystical and even more powerful than Conjur Man, but malevolent toward humans, with a wicked sense of humor. Alto.

Arwen, the Fair Witch (Female, 18-30), a playful, seductive witch from the light side who is curious about humans. Soprano.

Raven, the Dark Witch (Female, 18-30). A sexy, seductive, dangerous witch with a dark, cruel side. She has a real aversion to humans. Alto/Mezzo.

Devin, the Grey Witch (TBD, 18-30), a sardonic witch who enjoys teasing John and plays into Conjur Woman’s ego. Like her, he/she/they dislikes humans. Tenor.

…and a Coven of Other Witches.


Singer/Soarsie (Age 20-40), an ethereal balladeer/storyteller who has a surprise connection to our leads which is revealed at the end. She sings “The Ballad of Barbra Allen” directly to the audience. May play guitar, fiddle or mandolin. Alto.

Questions: Contact Line Producer Karyl Lynn Burns at (805) 407-7797 or e-mail