Out of consideration for our students and their families, our patrons, and our staff,

Rubicon Theatre took summer youth camps and workshops ONLINE!

Yes, there were Musicals! 

Yes, there was Shakespeare!


Due to issues related to COVID-19, and out of concern for the health and well-being of our students and their families, Summer 2020 Rubicon Theatre Company Education Programs took place online from June to September 2020. Although it was is a change from the “hands-on” learning experiences of the past, we were excited and surprised by some of the new and expanded opportunities. 


All classes were conducted virtually on Zoom.

Thank you to the parents, students, sponsors, and supporters!


 Musical Theatre Production Workshop

Jul. 13 - Aug. 7, 2020  Ages 11-25

Fearless Shakespeare

Jun. 15 - Jul. 10, 2020  Ages 15-25

Stinky Feet Theatre Project

Jun. 22 - Jul. 3, 2020  Ages 5-11

Workshops, Interview Programs, and Coaching

New Offerings for Students of All Ages!

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Audition Techniques

Taught by Casting Director and Producer Stephanie Coltrin

Jun. 18 – Aug. 6

View from the Booth

Stage Management taught by

Jessie Vacchiano

 Jun. 17 - Aug. 5

Private Audition Coaching

with Casting Director and Producer

Stephanie Coltrin

Auditioning On-Camera

Taught by Best-Selling Author and Acting Coach Judy Kerr  

Jun. 16 – Aug. 4

Inside the Artist's Process

Kirby Ward's Interview Series

 with Broadway Actors, Directors, Writers, and Producers.

Jun. 22 – Aug. 7

Your support can make a difference in the life of a young person!
We are excited about Summer 2020’s robust educational offerings. But this summer, with all that’s happening in our world, your gift is especially important. Please consider making a contribution to Rubicon’s educational programs. Your donation provides scholarships, covers the costs of new technologies needed for online instruction, helps pay for instructor fees and materials, and sustains the program during this challenging time. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Thank you for your support!    

Rubicon’s Summer Education Programs
are generously supported by the following: 

Major Education Sponsors
Jordan Laby
Barbara Meister
Loretta and Mike Merewether
Judith Nelson
The Smith-Hobson Foundation

Summer Co-Sponsors
Mary Ann Cohen

Important Contributors 

Jeanne Adams

The Lawrence and Bona Press Fund

Artist Underwriters
For Joseph Fuqua - Dr. Norma Beck
For Anthony Lucca - Jessica and Harvey Harris
For Inside the Artist’s Process - The Hamann Family
For Inside the Artist’s Process - Kathie Hira
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