to the 497 individuals who contributed more than $253,000 to our RISE TO THE CHALLENGE Campaign!

We are grateful to the following donors to our September Blitz.

(Individuals shown in bold reflect new gifts since our last update)

For errors or omissions, please call Director of Outreach Beverly Ward at

(203) 434-6119 or email her at

Jeanne Adams, Ann and Art Ahlstone, Claudia Albert, Denise and Wendell Allen, Ronald Allen (in memory of Linda Allen), Joan Almedilla, Ameriprise (in honor of Olga Jones and Coree Kotula), Ellen Anderson, Erinn Anova, Thomas Astor (in honor of Jim O’Neil), Murray Bader, Amanda McBroom and George Ball, Penelope Barnds, Cindy Bayer, Robert Benham (in honor of Judge George Eskin), Michael Benson, Gary Best, Christopher Beyries (in memory of Bill Beyries), Anonymous, Jan Bibb, Anonymous, William Biddy (in honor of the cast and crew of the Nibroc Trilogy), Stacey and John Birchfield, Anonymous, Claire and Reid Bowman, Richard Bragg (in memory of all we have lost to COVID and AIDS), Jean Bramer, Anonymous, Theresa Brenner-Farrell, Marcell Brickey, Julie Briggs, Bonnie Hellman Brown (in honor of Karyl Lynn Burns and Jim O’Neil), Christopher Brown, Susan and Gregory Brown, Suzanne and Peter Brown, Anonymous, Orval Buck, Julie Bugeia, Donna Burger (in honor of Pat Malone), Anonymous, Dianna and Robert Burdick (in memory of Les and Judy Vielbig), Carole Burns and Kids (in memory of Richard Burns), Café Nouveau (in honor of Claire Bowman), Cate Caplin (in memory of Francois Szony and Bill Bartlett), Anonymous, Bonnie and Don Carlton, Rosalind Carriere, Rosa Carrillo-Coronado, Sylvia and Mel Cheatham (in honor of Rosa Lee Measures), Kiko Cheng, Amy Cherot, Betsy Chess, Erica Christensen, Susan Clark, April and Gary Clemmer, Jan Cloyde (in honor of Mary Ann Cohen, Eileen Ogle, and Judith Nelson), Paula Cohen (in honor of Arlene Hutton), Mary Ann Cohen, Shelley and David Cole, Jeanne Cole, Carol and Robert Cole, Patricia Green and Victor Cole, Lin Coleman-Massey, Stephanie Coltrin (in honor of Jessie Vacchiano), Freddie Contarino (in memory of Al Contarino), Barbra Conway, Dale Alan Cooke, Paul Copeland (in memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg), Rosemarie Correa, John Courtright, Alison Coutts-Jordan (in honor of Karyl Lynn Burns), Doris Cowart, Judy and Keith Crenshaw, Charity Culp, The Damiano Family, Joanne Davidson (in memory of Ron Davidson), Marilyn Davidson (in honor of Trevor and Sylvie), Dorothy and Gary E. Davis, Emile De Boyrie (in memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and in honor of Ted Neeley), Michelle Demaria, Rosalind Demaria, Linda Detweiler (in honor of Zahra Detweiler), Anonymous, Susan Drapkin (in memory of Jack and Rivie Drapkin), Thomas Duncan (in memory of J. Tom D. Duncan), Linda and John Edwards, Wanda D. Edwards, Pat and Chris Ehret, Faline England, Dorothy Elchoness, Frances and Ed Elson, Heidi Escobar, Hannah-Beth Jackson and George Eskin, Barbara Fagins, Natalie Faye, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Lois and Roy Fischman, Anonymous, Judith and Mark Fleischman, Rebecca Fox, Erik Frampton, Nancy and Richard Francis, Heywood Friedman, Judy Fraser, Judi and Manny Garcia, Paul Garman, John Garner, Anonymous, Judith and James Gerhart, Jody Giacopuzzi, Marshall A. Glick, Anonymous, Anonymous, Gail Gordon, Melisa Graham, Theresa and Edgar Grass (in memory of Richard Burns), Linda Groberg (in honor of Karyl Lynn Burns), Felice and Tom Gross, Helga Gruber (in honor of Jenny Sullivan), Randy Encinas and Doug Halter, John Hammer, Pamela Hamill (in honor of Linda Kerns), Ron Hammond, Rosa Lee Measures and Albert G. Harris, Marilyn Harrison (in memory of Richard Burns), Raymond Harry, Patricia and Robert Hart, Patty Hayes, Mark Hibberd, Barbara and Larry Hilburn, Karen Hill-Wagoner, Marilyn Hilton, Genevieve and Tom Hinkle, Anonymous, Libby Holman, Kim Holmquist, Sandra Homb, Donna and Daniel Hone, Gary and Corinne Horowitz, Steven Hughes, Robert Huhn, Camille Hunter (in memory of Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hunter), Jan and Bruce Hunter, John Iacovelli, Susan Gail Igdaloff, Staci Ingram, Nancy Israel, Mary Jarvis, Larry Jensen, Erin Johnson, Melinda and Jay Johnson, Diane Johnston (in memory of Joanne Dreebin), Marisa Jones, Olga Jones (in honor of Coree Kotula), Karen Kahler, Anonymous, Joanne Kaplan, Mary Keller, Leonard Kelly-Young, Connie and Richard Kennelly, Linda Kerns, Judy Kerr, Denise Kincaid (in honor of Ted Neeley), Elizabeth Kinney, Alan Kirschbaum, Kelli Kober (in honor of Ted Neeley), Raeann Koerner, Michael Kwait (in honor of Barbara Meister), Amy L, Carol Howe and Lucien Lacour, Anonymous, Kathleen Lee, Debbie Lewis, Charlotte Lin, Carole Linn, Andrew Lippa (in memory of Richard Burns), Linda Livingston, Joan Logan (in honor of Harriet Clune and Rich Stewart), Tracy Long, Gail Lopes, Anthony Lum, Virginia Lynch, Patricia H. MacKinnon, Cynde and Steve Magidson, Shoshana Maler, Alice and Leonard Maltin, Tony Bianca and Michael Mance, Barbara Marcus, Lee Martino, Ashley Matsui, Katherine Maxwell, Ed McCombs (in memory of Nell McCombs), Stuart McDaniel, Anita and Peter McDermott, Anonymous, Kate McLean, Barbara Meister (in honor of frontline healthcare workers and in memory of Richard Burns), Alyson Melling (in honor of Karyl Lynn Burns), Linda and Jerry Mendelsohn, Bonnie and Mike Mercadante, Loretta and Mike Merewether (in memory of Richard Burns), Evelyn Metten, Faline England and David Meunier, Ilene Miele, Irene Miller, Marilyn Miravete-Smith, Elyse Mirto, Anonymous, Lee Mooney, Forrest Mori, Sally and Tom Mueller, Nancy Waltman and Harold Nachenberg, Mike Napoli, Ted Neeley and Family, Judith R. Nelson (in memory of Richard Burns), Anonymous, Richard Newsham (in memory of Lois Black Newsham), The Newton-Mueller Family, Anonymous, Mary Ann Novak, Marilyn Novak, Myra Nunley, Eileen Ogle (in memory of Richard Burns and in honor of Karyl Lynn Burns's birthday), Susan Van Abel and Eric Oltmann, Anonymous, Janice Orlowski, Madeline O’Rourke, Anonymous, Anonymous, Joanne Patten, Kevin Patten, Lauren Patten (in memory of William Keeler), Dajari Patterson, Rena Pezzuto (in memory of Golde), Tatiana Piccone, Theresa Porter, Jonna Powell, The Powers Family, Jan Probst, Ann Ramirez, Martha Ramirez, Anonymous, Anthoula Randopoulos, Anonymous, Susan Rhodes, Hilda Rich, Julia Rischar, Anonymous, Sam Robertson, Ellen Robinson, Cecily Rock, Tessa and Kent Roper, Jeffrey L. Rouss, Robert Rubin (in honor of Taylor Fagins and A Song.), Adrian Russ (in memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg), Kathie Hira and Paul Sagar, Ryen Salo and the ClearlyRated Team (in memory of Staci Ingram), Susan and Louis Samonsky, Carolyn Samuelson, Anonymous, Julie Santia, Alex Satepauhoodle, Felicia Saunders, Mary Schaeffer, Darrel Schultz (in memory of Claire Schultz), Elizabeth Quinn and Garold Scofield, Stephanie Scott, Vivian Scranton, Sheryn and Duane Sears, Margene Fudenna and James Seff, Chris Semerau, Lorraine and Frank Serena, Jonee Shady, Sharon Sharth, Nora Stewart, Diana Troik and Art Shaffman, Anonymous, Margaret Sheehan, Eric Shyman (in honor of The New Students), Anonymous, Anonymous, Becky and Steven Snyder, Mary T. Snyder, Meili Spano, Lane Stalbird, Arlene Balkansky and Mark Stein, Nora Stewart, Harriet Clune and Rich Stewart, Kathryn Stoltzfus, Sylvia Storey, Anonymous, Christina J. Cade and Richard Story, Mark Summa, Jennifer Sourwine, Marilyn Spiegel, Anonymous, Sacheen Swan (in honor of the Rubicon staff and artists), Norbert Tackman (in memory of Gloria Blackwood), Lori Tamura, Micah Tamura, Paul Tamura, Mary Thompson, Bonnie Thomson, Barbara Tomblin, Anonymous (in honor of Larry Schwimmer), Jane and Warren Totten, Anne Smith Towbes, Carrie Towbes, Adela and Ken Trainor, Teri Bibb and Andy Umberger (in honor of Karyl Lynn Burns), Anonymous in Memory of Zta Unruh, Kathryn and R. Allen Urban, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anna Vdovenko (in honor of Ted Neeley), Venturous Theater Fund of the Tides Foundation, Anonymous, Cindi Verbelun (in honor of Joseph Fuqua and Karyl Lynn Burns), Maureen Volland (in memory of Mary and Tom Korn), Blake Wade, Kenneth Wagner (in honor of Mary Brannock), Joanne Wallis, Deborah Walsh, Julie Ward (in honor of Nancy and Richard Francis), Jane Ward-Torres, Nancy Rasmussen and William Wayson, Sam Weiner, Anonymous, Sylvia Whitlock, Janette Daniel-Whitney and Jim Whitney, Ann Wiley, Katherine Wilkinson, Anonymous, Mirron Willis, Rudolph Willrich, Carla Wilson (in honor of Jim O’Neil), L. Trey Wilson, Annie Winch, Dan Wingard, Samantha Winters, Wanda Woessner (in honor of Karyl Lynn Burns, Joseph Fuqua, and Ted Neeley), Anonymous, Birgit and Harald Wulff, Denise L. Ybarra, Kathleen Yuss (In memory of Richard Yuss), Tricia and Arnold Zane, Linda and John Zaruka, Stephanie and Kurt Zierhut

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