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Rubicon Theatre is delighted to share two free digital performances of the multi-award-winning Nibroc Trilogy. These shows are usually available to view or download for a fee on and Rubicon was honored to be the first U.S. company to be included on this prestigious London-based platform. For a limited-time-only, Digital Theatre and our unions have offered to share these beautifully filmed stories as a gentle reminder to our patrons and friends of the work of Rubicon. Directed by Katharine Farmer (Indy Award, Ovation nominations), these plays star Erik Odom, Lily Nicksay, Sharon Sharth, Clarinda Ross and Faline England.

Please bear in mind that this is a DIGITAL EVENT that will be streamed through Vimeo. One day prior to your scheduled event, you will receive a link and a password to the stream. All you will need to do is click the link and enter the password, and the stream will begin promptly at 7 pm.  E-mail any questions to and we will be more than happy to help. 



July 11 at 7 pm and July 12 at 2 pm

(Streamed online at, requires a reservation and password)

Last Train to Nibroc begins in the winter of 1940 when Raleigh and May are forced to share a seat on a crowded train headed east- an event that changes the path of both of their lives forever. Raleigh, a recently discharged flyboy who dreams of becoming a writer, and May, a young woman set on becoming a missionary, meet and discover that they grew up mere miles from each other in Kentucky. The possibility of romance emerges and the two imagine going to the Nibroc Festival together in May’s hometown. But they are thwarted by their own natures and circumstances. An intimate and charming exploration of human relationships.


July 18 at 7 pm and July 19 at 2 pm

(Streamed online at, requires a reservation and password)

See rock City opens with May and Raleigh returning to Corbin, Kentucky after plans to honeymoon in Rock City are derailed. The newlyweds settle into small-town life, living with May's parents. May is the local school principal; and Raleigh, discharged from the army for medical reasons, is beginning to find success as a short-story writer. The couple works to make ends meet and find their place in the community under the watchful eyes of May's gentle and supportive mother (Mrs. Gill), and Raleigh's taciturn, judgmental mother (Mrs. Brummett). When victory overseas results in unexpected consequences on the home front, May and Raleigh must confront hidden truths and deal with the challenges of a new, post-war America.



July 25 at 7 pm and July 26 at 2 pm 

(Streamed online at, requires a reservation and password)


Gulf view Drive picks up almost a decade after May and Raleigh part ways in See Rock City to pursue their separate dreams, keeping faith that they will remain connected and come together again. Having met during the early years of WWII in Last Train to Nibroc and endured the struggles of marriage, family and work against the backdrop of war and uncertainty in See Rock City, May and Raleigh have relocated to Florida, enjoying their dream house and the security their love brings. The year is now 1953, and May is a schoolteacher while Raleigh has found success as a novelist. Their peaceful home is turned upside-down when Raleigh's cheerless mother comes to stay for an indeterminate amount of time. With May's mother and Raleigh's pregnant sister already living with them, the strain becomes both humorous and unbearable. Outside their over-crowded home, questions concerning race, segregation, patriotism and traditional values seep into their lives, challenging them to grow and change with the times, or face the consequences of unyielding resolve.


Please Note: Tickets are free, but you must make a reservation to receive a link to the streamed recordings. More information when you click on the reserve button. 

Special Thanks: Digital Theatre, SAG-AFTRA, USA (United Scenic Artists), and Actors' Equity Association.

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