We will be holding an open call for the upcoming mainstage production NEVER NOT ONCE on Saturday, November 23rd.

Please call/email to make an appointment,

Taylor at 805-667-2900 or email

Available times are 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 

Written by
Carey Crim

February 5 - 23, 2019


Character Breakdown

Nadine Walker: an African American woman in her mid-to-late forties. A humble and hardworking Aerospace Engineer with a passion for cooking. Brought up by a Baptist minister, Nadine has maintained a strong faith throughout her life. She’s a devoted partner to Allison and has a special relationship with Allison’s daughter Eleanor, but the path hasn’t been smooth for Nadine. She’s good in a crisis and tries to do the best thing, but doesn’t always get it right.


Allison Davis: a caucasian woman aged forty-one. Once pursuing a career as a dancer, Allison had a catastrophic set back at university and now owns an antique store. An interesting contradiction as Allison desperately tries to let go of the past, she’s also bound by it. In many ways, she’s a relaxed and playful person, but raising her daughter as a single mother was not easy and it took her a long time to find trust in her partner Nadine. Despite adoring her family, she’s held secrets from them which have shaped her life. 


Eleanor Davis: a caucasian Biology major at Rutgers, aged twenty. Eleanor’s been deeply influenced by her two mothers. She’s not a sorority girl or worried about her looks, instead, she’s her own person and looks to science as a way to understand the world. She’s affectionate and entertaining to be around, but she has a yearning desire to understand who she is.


Rob Wilson: any ethnicity though not caucasian. Currently a senior at Rutgers studying Biology. Comfortable in his own awkwardness, Rob is a kind and funny man who’s protective over the ones he loves. Intelligent, curious and perhaps a bit self-conscious, Rob wants to help and care a lot.


Doug Larkin: a caucasian man of forty-two. A frat boy turned NYC financial analyst, Doug has lived a privileged life. In his youth, Doug took to the bottle and conducted questionable behavior which haunts him today. Perhaps the guilt leads to being sober for the past five years and acceptance to get his life back on track. Recently married and soon to be a father, Doug has a lot to fight for, but maybe his demons continue to get the better of him. 


Audition Call

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

Please call/email to make an appointment,

Taylor at 805-667-2900 ext. 227 or email

Available times are 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Please print out and bring with you the side for the character/s

you'd like to audition for. 

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