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Romantic Comedy

By John Cariani

Directed by Stephanie Coltrin

March 25 – April 12, 2020

Local Auditions Date: Thursday 2/13

Time: 10am-12pm only. No appointment needed.

Address: Rubicon Theatre 1006 East Main Street Ventura, Ca 93001

Please enter through the side door. (32 Laurel Street)

The audition will take place downstairs on the first floor.



 Almost Maine is a series of vignettes taking place over a period of about ten minutes beginning at 8:50 pm on a Friday night in the middle of winter. The plot of each scene in Almost Maine includes some sort of magical moment coinciding with the appearance of the northern lights. Each magical moment happens at exactly the same time - 9 p.m.


*A note from the playwright about the characters: The people of Almost Maine are rural Americans. They're not hicks. They're not quaint, quirky eccentrics. They don't have funny Maine accents. They are not cuddly and cute. They're hard-working, ordinary people. They're dignified, honest and true. They take time to wonder about things. They speak simply, honestly, truly and from the heart.


Please select one scene to prepare. Script and sides are available on DropBox using the button below:

SEEKING FOUR ACTORS to play 19 roles:

Actor 1

Female 20's to 40's to play multiple roles: Ginette/Sandrine/Gayle/Shelly/Hope

Final role breakdowns will depend on casting

Actor 2

Female 20's to 40's to play multiple roles: Glory/Marvalyn/Deena/Marci/Rhonda

Final role breakdowns will depend on casting

Actor 3

Male 20's to 40's to play multiple roles: Pete/Steve/Lendall/Randy

Final role breakdowns will depend on casting

Actor 4

Male 20's to 40's to play multiple roles: East/Jimmy/Chad/Phil/Dave



PETE (M) GINETTE (F) (the only recurring characters in the play). An established couple awkwardly confess their love for each other and realize that there’s a distance to go.

Her Heart

EAST (M) ­ A repairman. Calm, collected, and sincere. He finds Glory in his front yard.

GLORY (F) ­ A hiker. Vulnerable, determined, looking for the perfect northern lights viewing spot so that she can say goodbye to her husband.


Sad & Glad

JIMMY (M) ­ A well-intended heating and cooling guy with a broken heart. Earnest, confused, generous, he awkwardly runs into his ex and finds that they are there for very different reasons.

SANDRINE (F) ­ Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend. Kind, sensitive and loving.

WAITRESS (F) ­ A waitress, salty and committed to her job


This Hurts

MARVALYN (F) ­ A woman who is very good at protecting herself. She meets Steve in the laundromat

STEVE (M) ­ an open, kind fellow whose brother protects him


Getting it Back

GAYLE (F) ­ Frustrated with her long-time relationship with Lendall she arrives at his door demanding that he return all the love she gave him

LENDALL (M) ­ Quiet and bewildered with a package of his own


They Fell

RANDY (M) ­ and CHAD (M) ­ Two “Country Boys” who realize they make a pretty good pair



DEENA (F) and SHELLY, two “Country Girls” who realize they make a pretty good pair


Where it Went

PHIL (M) ­ A working man who has forgotten his anniversary

MARCI (F) ­ His hardworking wife who draws attention to things Phil has missed.


Story of Hope

HOPE (F) ­ She has traveled the world. She returns to Almost searching for her ex-boyfriend.

MAN (M) ­ He has not traveled the world and a lot has changed since Hope left.


Seeing the Thing

RHONDA (F) ­ A tough woman.

DAVE (M) ­ The not­-so­-tough man who loves her.

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