Rubicon CARES is a fund that has been created to provide access to professional theatre programs at Rubicon for those in need. If a high school student can’t afford to attend a student matinee with their class – Rubicon CARES will help. If a school needs assistance with transportation to the theatre – Rubicon CARES will pay the bus company. If a young artist can afford only partial tuition for a summer Musical Theatre camp or Shakespeare intensive - Rubicon CARES will make up the difference.  


The results of a 2015 needs assessment completed by hundreds of parents in our community indicated that 100% of those interviewed wanted their children to have additional opportunities to do the following:

• Experience the performing arts
• Participate in theatre productions as a member of the cast or crew
• Engage in activities that enhance self-confidence
• Develop problem-solving and communication skills through collaborative theatrical experiences


Of this same group, 70% reported that their children’s schools did not provide sufficient performing arts programs. 

Of students who participated in Rubicon’s educational programs last year, 69% are “low-income” as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

I’m sure this is of great concern to you, as it is to us. We must create an arts ecosystem in Ventura County that provides all children – regardless of their economic means – the opportunity to participate in theatre education, enrichment and entertainment programs.

Please join us by contributing to this fund today!